Midterm Exam

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The midterm for this class will take place on Wednesday, February 25. It will be an in-class essay exam consisting of some multiple choice questions and a few short essay questions drawn from a larger pool of available options. Answering these questions well will require you to recall, synthesize, and reflect on the content we will have covered by then. Some of the available essay prompts will be generated collaboratively by each working group.

To do well, make sure each essay addresses the question thoroughly, providing as much detail as possible from  specific, appropriate examples. Express those ideas in an articulate, well-structured response that is about 200 words of thoughtful, grammatically perfect, academic prose. 

The midterm is due at the end of your class period: 1:50 for section 1, and 2:50 for section 2.

On your honor, you must complete this exam using only your knowledge. You may not refer to notes, look things up online, or use pre-composed text.


Each essay question or prompt that you choose will be worth 30 points, and your work will be assigned a grade that corresponds to the following scale and rubric:

Points Description
27 - 30 The response is specific, thoughtful, and clearly expressed. It demonstrates novel independent thinking about the material and articulates that thinking through a compelling and grammatically perfect or near-perfect presentation that relies on specific evidence.
23 - 26 The response is clear, specific, and expresses knowledgeable understanding of the material and key examples. It uses appropriate examples to support an argument, and the ideas are expressed in grammatically perfect or nearly perfect academic prose.
19 - 22 The response is specific and expresses good understanding of the material and the chosen question. It uses examples to support the argument, but those arguments and examples may be weaker in some way or insufficiently articulated.
15 - 18 The response is appropriate and it uses relevant examples, but the response may have insufficient specificity, the writing may be partially unclear, or the terminology may be applied incorrectly or unskillfully.
11 - 14 The response is relevant but the examples may be weak or insufficiently related to the question. The clarity of the writing may be hampered by grammatical or stylistic infelicity.
7 - 10 The response on topic but significantly weak. Whether in terms of evidence, articulation of ideas, or clarity of writing, this response falls short.
0 - 6 The response is inappropriate, incomplete, or irrelevant to the question chosen.  
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