What are the mandatory advise for wearing a feng shui bracelets

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Many friends like to wear bracelets, whether they are enlightened or unenlightened, some people feel that they look good and choose to wear them, but you can't wear a bracelet too casually because each bracelet has its own feng shui role and cannot be worn at will. So what feng shui knowledge do you need to pay attention to when wearing a bracelet? Let's take a look today!

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So wearing a bracelet has to pay attention to so much feng shui knowledge?


Bracelets needs enlightenment before wearing.


Before wearing a bracelet, you should have it enlightened beforehand, because a bracelet that is not enlightened is prone to carry some unclean things that affect your luck and body.


So there is so much feng shui knowledge to be aware of when wearing a bracelet?


Don't put your bracelet in your pocket


Because wearing a bracelet is to reverse feng shui, so if you are not convenient to carry it, you should not put it in your pocket because it will affect the feng shui effect of the bracelet.


So there is so much feng shui knowledge to be aware of when wearing a feng shui bracelet?


Don't wear your bracelet with water


Another point to note is not to get wet when wearing a bracelet, because many people often come into contact with water in their lives, for example, when washing clothes or cooking, if you wear a bracelet, it will be easily stained with water.


In addition to some feng shui taboos, you should also pay attention to the five elements of the bracelet and choose the right accessories to wear together to enhance your feng shui luck and magnetic power.

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