Ragnar Horn Spotlight: Chairman of Taconic AS, Investment Family

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Born in Norway in 1961, Ragnar Horn has had active involvement in Norway and the U.S. He is the chairman of Taconic AS, an investment firm owned by the family. Horn flew to the U.S. to pursue higher education at Williams College and Harvard Business School, where he pursued a degree and masters, respectively.


In New York City, he worked for several years as an Investment Banker but returned to Norway to head Taconic AS in Oslo. The venture firm invests in different fields, including private equity firms, offshore projects & shipping, media, hedge funds, telecoms, and real estate.


In his position, Ragnar Horn leads Taconic in making crucial decisions about investment projects. He also deals with transactions that involve mergers, acquisitions, equity transactions, and public debt.


In addition to his Taconic AS position, Horn is significantly engaged in philanthropic causes, including being a member of boards in different non-profit companies. When answering the question concerning the elements that helped his career most, he emphasized competitive spirit. He believes it is his leading drive aspect.


In his life, Ragnar Horn portrays competitive nature, and everywhere he goes, he leads. Besides being occupied in business leadership, he is also an active member of Division I skier, and in 2020, he took part in three races and finished among the best.


But competitive people are not the only ones who positively influence the world, noted Ragnar Horn. The majority of people don't understand the needed drive to lead. In the current community, it's not uncommon to see competitiveness bringing negative sense. People might associate it with narcissism, envy, and greed. But according to Horn, competitiveness feeling is healthy and natural.


The inclination pushes somebody to study more, put more effort, and work more proficiently. That is in opposition to the idea that competition brings an environment without hospitality. Ragnar Horn accepts that competitiveness is the gratefulness that working and helping others is the ideal way to win.


The nature of competitiveness stops you from merely dwelling on past triumphs. When individuals become competitive, they get fulfilled and recognize they can accomplish and remain always awakened to improve. In case they miss the mark at something, they use the challenge as a motivation to going ahead.


Being a leader in business, Ragnar Horn has some guidance. He advises people to put an open mind and to become good listeners. Business imitates life and everything like an arrangement of negotiations. With negotiation, you operate to appreciate every one of partners' interests and look for solutions from the gains you share.


When communicating with others, Ragnar Horn does best to evade interruptions from things, for example, P.C.s and phones. This empowers him to get the optimum focus. Horn says that leaders who embrace good listening skills prepare to head their businesses in a better way.


But he believes close-mindedness comes by classifying life as bad vs. good or wrong vs. right. You can effortlessly make decisions about individuals, contingent upon how you see their practices. Horn says by having a receptive outlook, you attain respect and trust, and those under your leadership also trust you.


Open minds bring more about inventive thinking. People who embrace it are open to different opinions and various possibilities in their growth and development. Ragnar Horn might want CEOs and pioneers to quit tumbling to psychological predisposition or thinking blunder, which influences choices in the universe of business.


Ragnar Horn is a 59 years old business leader, a recognized participant in skiing sports, and a Norway resident. He pursued his degree and masters in the U.S., where he worked in the financial sector for several years. Horn returned to Norway, where he is the chairman of Taconic AS, a family-owned venture company.

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