How To Choose A Gas Griddle And Benefits Of Gas Griddle

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Best Outdoor Gas Griddle Grills Review in 2020 - Propane Flat Top Grills!


As days progress, our lifestyle keeps changing dramatically, thanks to advancement in technology. When it comes to cooking, it being as essential part of life, we are always aiming to make the food preparation easy, fast and efficient. In today’s day and age, every household should have a gas griddle. It is always fun to have a family get-together or have some friends over and enjoy a relaxing day while barbequing the food on the best outdoor gas griddle

Gas griddle users are on the rise

Gas griddles are the rage these days and it has become a must-have for all cooking and barbeque enthusiasts. If you have a bit of space in your backyard, investing in a gas grill/griddle is a good idea. Gas griddles are also a good investment for large scale cooking needs or commercial kitchens. 

What is a gas griddle?

We all know that a griddle is a cooking contraption where we put our food when we grill or barbeque something. A gas griddle is a device which uses mostly natural gas as the fuel. Usually methane or propane is used and its less harmful for the environment, as compared to using other materials like coal. Because of the absence of coal, the cleaning and maintenance part of a gas griddle is easier as compared to the ones which use coal. Also, the device is easy to use and comes with temperature regulators as well. 

Benefits of Gas Griddles

If you’re looking for reasons to invest in a gas griddle, here are a few advantages-

  • Gas griddles are widely used because of the temperature control system which we learnt about earlier. It is always easy to use heat in a controlled environment. 
  • Slow, steady flow of heat helps cook food (especially meats) in the most efficient manner possible, getting into every inch of the food item. 
  • Because of the amazing design of gas griddles, heat is distributed evenly and you won’t find any cold spots in your food or places which haven’t cooked properly. 
  • It is safer than electric griddles in terms of fire hazards. There is no risk of overheating and electric fires in the case of gas griddles. 
  • Its good for the environment. You won’t be burning coal and the smoke emitting will be far less harmful for you and your surroundings. 
  • Finally, cleaning a gas griddle is easy. There will be no coal ash depositions or blackened areas that often as compared to flat heaters which use coal. All you need is some appropriate cleaning solution and a wire brush. You’ll be done in a jiffy and your griddle will look as good as new.  
  • Cooking is done fast. In most cases, each side of your food will be cooked completely in 5 minutes or less. 

If you are now convinced that investing in a gas griddle is a great idea, lets move on to understanding them a bit more in terms of purchase. Here is your guide to buy the best outdoor gas griddle that works best for your needs.

Things to Consider When You Buy an Outdoor Gas Griddle

There are certain factors which will differ from person to person, when it comes to purchasing a gas griddle. Understand these points as they might be important when you make your choice-

  • Gas griddles comes in various sizes. Consider the size you need depending on certain factors like- the size of your family, whether or not you’ll be using it commercially, how much space you have indoors/outdoors, how often are you planning to use it, etc. 
  • You might want your gas griddle to be mobile. That option is available as well. If you think that there is a designated space in your backyard or indoor space for your griddle, you can go for the stationary one too. Mobile gas griddles are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. You can even store the griddle inside and take it out only when necessary. This also increases the longevity of the griddle as it won’t face harsh weather conditions at all times. 
  • Some mobile gas griddles are so compact, that you will be at ease when it comes to storage and use. Some come with two wheels; some come with four and some of these griddles even come with foldable legs so that when you store it, it won’t take up much space in your home. 
  • Consider the kind of surface you would be using your griddle on. If your surface is made of concrete or asphalt, stone or any hard surface, then you should go with the smaller wheels. If you are placing your griddle on softer ground like soil or grass, go for the larger wheels. 
  • Some of you might not be looking for an outdoor griddle at all. If you want to install this in your kitchen you have the option for that too. You can install your very own gas griddle in your kitchen space. It looks very elegant and a lot of modern, modular kitchens or commercial kitchens have it. 
  • If you’re buying the grill with it, consider your requirements there too. If you’re cooking large chunks of something like red meat, you should go with a grooved grill. For smaller items like vegetables and fish, you can go for a flat-surface grill. Most gas griddle owners get both so that they can experiment with as many food items as they can. 

Now that you have all the information related to gas griddles, what do you think? You think its worth your investment? Well, definitely. Say yes, to barbeque parties, flipping burgers with friends and enjoying cooking at ease. 

Go for it!

Consider all the points included in the above list before you make your choice. Make sure you always install or place your gas griddle in a space which has a lot of ventilation. It should have enough amount of air around to operate in its full potential. Take care of the environmental factors and safety and instalment and let the griddle do the cooking for you. You’ll be on your way to become a master chef in no time, if you invest in a gas griddle today!

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