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The press release is an essential document for any business. A well written press release positions a company as a leader in its field. It maintains the relevant and current trade name. Build credibility and create interest in the business.

The key to writing a press release is to remember that it is written to distribute to the press. More specifically, it is written for readers of the press. The press wants newsworthy news that is interesting to its readers. It must be a great story with an interesting angle if you're going to stand out from the dozens of press releases that are distributed daily.

Here are some simple steps to get started.

Write for your readers

Your first step is to find out where your clients meet. What newspapers, magazines, newsletters or websites do you frequent? How did you find out Ask your clients!

Create a survey and mail it in. To increase the response rate, offer a low-cost incentive. Consider a joint venture with a local restaurant where the restaurant offers a discount when your customer returns a full survey to the restaurant. The restaurant collects the answers and you collect them. The incentive for the restaurant is that they get access to their customer base for free. You promote their restaurant for free in exchange for collecting your response cards.

Once you've targeted the media, your next step is to create the message. When writing your press release and distributing it with the best press release distribution service, remember that you have to do one thing: read. The reader will read only if it is interesting news for them.

For example: You have moved your business to a new location. And that? This is where you need to find the angle to make that fact interesting. Let's say your new location is in a historic building. The title of his press release changes from "XYZ moves to a new location" to "The local company finds a hidden treasure." Which one would you read?

Once you have your angle, build on it. Avoid making it a sales pitch for your business. Write about the facts as a journalist would write. If that style of writing isn't your strongest skill, hire a copywriter to write it for you.

Present your press release the right way

Once you have it written, it's time to present it to the press. Research your media to find the name of the contact handling the press releases. Usually a visit to your website will reveal the information. Otherwise, send an email or call the media outlet and ask who handles the press releases for that media outlet.

Once you find your media contact, call them. Do not start a sales pitch when you receive them over the phone. They want a story they can write about. No advertising. Begin your conversation by stating the concern that your press releases address. In our example, it can start with "As you know Jim or Jane, the city has been struggling against the massive exodus of companies to more rural areas. It's a problem that many cities face. One of the ways that companies are helping to change Tide is in partnership with the local historical society to save abandoned buildings and turn them into shops and keep jobs here instead of taking them out of town. I think it's a problem that resonates with its readers. I just went through the process and I have a first-hand experience that would help other companies that want to do the same. Would you like to tell a story about me? "

Your contact will ask for more information. Send your press release. Follow up with your contact and get the interview.

Take advantage of your press release

Once accepted, start taking advantage of it in your other marketing materials. Give it to your customers to promote your business. Send it with requests for information. Use it to schedule more interviews with other media.

You can write a press release for any news in your business or industry. The key is to find the story in the development and give it a unique angle that generates interest. Think like a journalist. Not like a business owner. Write your press release and give them a story, not an ad, and you will read it every time.

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