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A recent study found that having social connections at workplaces makes employees more likely to deliver high-quality work, engage with their jobs, and be less likely to fall sick or be injured. This focus can be build up by connecting with internal employee activities. In this regard, career apps are becoming prominent tools to forge candid conversations between leadership and employees. The fishbowl is one of these hottest new career apps that connects professionals all over the world.

What does fishbowl do?

Fishbowl is a social networking app that connects professionals within the same industry and enables them to have candid and relevant conversations about workplace topics. It is an app for the workplace professionals in which they primarily ask questions of, connect with, and give advice to one another. The Fishbowl platform helps to break down the organizational barriers by allowing employees to interact directly with senior leadership. The professionals come to fishbowl to get advice from colleagues in an open and supportive environment.

The Importance of Professional Connections:

We spend about 40 + hours at work. Adding to that, we are on our computers and phones outside of the office, and it is evident that our jobs are the central part of our lives. Professional connections are mostly not dissimilar to personal relationships; in both cases, we are looking for people to provide understanding and advice. Mainly, working in a particular field or having a specific job is a passion play as much as it is a way of making ends meet. So, professionals are looking to connect and engage with others in their field and are possible with fishbowl.

Flexible Identity Settings Provided by Fishbowl:

Fishbowl is a platform of verified professionals. So to make a trustworthy environment, it checks all users' professional credentials, either using work e-mail or LinkedIn. Once users' all professional credentials are verified, they can have flexibility with how they represent themselves when posting on the Fishbowl platform. Some users choose to express themselves with their full identity, while others provide only their professional title or place of employment, such as "Senior Healthcare Consultant." The Fishbowl users are now enabled to have a flexible identity setting to be comfortable yet accountable while engaging in honest discussions with coworkers and senior leadership.

The mission of fishbowl:

Fishbowl started to provide a platform for authentic conversations among professionals after the founders of this app survey experienced the siloed culture and impact of big corporations. Fishbowl is now accessible through its mobile app and is available on Android devices, free for all users.

Fishbowl tackles existing professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, which helps to build a Rolodex of connections over creating connections between users. The frequent users of fishbowl include the CEOs of fortune 500 companies.


Fishbowl, a career-focused social networking app, helps hundreds and thousands of professional employees, their coworkers, and leadership seniors engage online. It leads to the development of a  healthy professional relationship.

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