6 Essential Elements Of A Line Sheet

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If you want buyers to take your brand seriously, then it is essential to present a line sheet to them. For those who don’t know, a line sheet is a sales tool used by wholesale/retail businesses to present their product mix in front of the potential buyer. 

Making a line sheet is no small task as you have to include all the information in fewer words. If you are getting any idea about how to create an effective line sheet, then check the online line sheet. It will help you create an impressive line sheet without getting the help of a graphic designer.


If you are in the wholesale or retail business, then you probably know about a line sheet. It is a document that contains all the information potential buyer needs to make a decision. It is an effective sales tool that helps businesses to make profits. But it depends on how impressive your line sheet is.

In simple words, you can say that a line sheet includes vital information about your products that makes the buying process seamless. So, if you are planning to have a new startup or already are in the wholesale business, create an effective line sheet to grab the attention of potential clients and convince them to make a purchase.

Importance of line sheets:

A line sheet is a simple and organized document that presents your brand well. Avoid all the unnecessary details in the sheet and talk about the information needed only. It will convince the buyer to place an order as you make it easy to find product-related information in the line sheet.

Do not get confused! There is a difference between a line sheet and a catalog. In a catalog, you can include lifestyle imagery and long paragraphs. But in the line sheets, you have to describe your products in minimum text. 

The benefit of making a line sheet is that the potential buyer will not have to waste time searching for something as you describe everything precisely in the sheet. Essentials of a line sheet:

How can you create an effective line sheet? This is the question that pops up in the mind when you are making a line sheet for the first time. Let’s make things easier for you. Here are the essentials of an effective line sheet:

Company logo:

Your logo is an important thing that helps your brand get recognition. So, your brand logo must be placed at the top of the brand for recognition. Place it at the top of every page so that the buyer can see it clearly. 

Contact details:

What if the buyer wants to place an order? How would he reach you if you haven’t provided your contact details? Include your contact details next to the logo or below it. It will make it easy for potential clients to find your contact details. Your contact details include:

  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • Email address
  • Street address

It is highly important to double-check the contact information you have provided. Remember, typos can cost you a client.

Color images:

Use the colored images of products so that the buyer can see them clearly. It would be aesthetically pleasing, and the client would be able to see how your products look like. Make sure you use high-quality images, and a low-quality picture of products does not leave a good impression. Choose images with a white or neutral background, and they must be of the same size for uniformity.

Include front and back pictures of products so that the buyers can see them clearly. Make sure the font color and style you choose aligns with the images. Images should neither be too big or too small. 

Bear in mind that you are creating the first impression of your brand; your line sheets must be well-organized.

Product details:

This is a very important part of the line sheet, and you must not omit anything. Make sure that all the product details are laid out neatly and accurately. Here you should include:

  • Product name
  • The item number or SKU
  • Retail/wholesale price
  • Order minimums
  • Size, color options (if any)

Payment terms:

Now you should include details about how you accept payments. Do you have a thirty-day payment window? Do you accept credit cards? Do you accept payments through PayPal? Make sure that all the payment details are stated clearly in the line sheet.

Shipping details:

It is highly important to include all the shipping details in the line sheet. Who will pay the shipping cost? Will your company cover shipping expenses? All these details must be included in the line sheet.

Is it a good idea to make a line sheet yourself?

Now you understand how important it is to make an effective line sheet and how you can make it. But is it a good idea to create a line sheet by yourself? Well, it depends. If you do not know much about what information you should include in the line sheet, then hiring a graphic designer would be a great idea. He will make a well-organized line sheet that would bring you more customers. But hiring a graphic designer can be costly, and not every business can afford to hire a graphic designer.

There is another simple solution to the problem. Browse the internet, and you will find line sheet templates. Download and fill them with the required information, and you will be ready to present your product line to the buyers.


A well-organized line sheet can help you increase sales. But make sure you do not include unnecessary information in the sheet. Try to place important details such as company logo and contact details etc. at the top of the page so that the buyer can find them easily.

Add details about the return policy. Do you accept returns for other than damages? You can also include special terms and offers on the line sheet. But the key is to be precise. 

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