Questions to Guide You When Buying Your First Welder

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Buying a welder for the first time just like when buying anything you have never bought before can present a lot of uncertainties to you. Sometimes, you don’t know what is best to do and particularly on the features to go for in a welder. Even when you search online, there will be many offers to choose from and that becomes a challenge for anyone who doesn’t have enough information on how a good welder looks like. Welders come in different types, duty cycles, amperages and polarities among other things. With all this information, it can be overwhelming for you because you need to match specific characteristics in order to decide on the one to pick.

Many people have found themselves in a similar situation before and so, you are not alone in this. The welding industry presents different scenarios and is ready to meet primarily meet experienced welders. Therefore, it can become quite difficult for you to decide on the type to pick when buying it. Other than quality and functionality, every purchase depends on your budget. For your information, welders are of different types and that includes MIG welder, TIG welder among other specific ones. Whether you should prefer one type to the other depends on the job you want to do. To make your work easier, here are questions to guide you when deciding on which welder to buy if it is your first time:


  1. What Materials will be welded?

Different materials require different welding solutions. Steel is not welded the same way as aluminium and therefore, it is important to know the materials that define the scope of your work. That way, you will stand a good chance of picking the right welder for the job. Stainless steel also requires different welding from mild steel. Having understood all these materials and their properties, your seller will advise on the best welder to pick for your job.


  1. How Much are You Willing to Spend

It is unlikely that you will just wake up to go shopping for a welder without money. Again, welders are of different types and costs. Based on their features and quality, some will be more expensive than others. Therefore, your budget can also dictate the types of welders that you can buy. If all you need is a welder without many features, then you can use that to help fit your small budget.  On the contrary, you can choose to go for the best there is in the market.


  1. Do you want a Welder that is Easy to Use?

If your job doesn’t require sophisticated machinery, then you would want to pick simple welders that won’t trouble you. Some welders require proper skills to operate and therefore, you might need to get someone trained for them. If not, you can go for straightforward welding solutions if they can suffice in meeting the needs of your job! There is no need to go for a complicated machine if all you need is do minor repair jobs on your premises!


  1. What will the Welder be used for in Most Cases?

Knowing your welder’s application is vital when deciding on the type of machine you intend to buy.  For that reason, your final decision will depend on what you will be doing with your machine most of the time. Ideally, the welder you will buy should be one that will serve to cater to most of your welding needs.

It could be for repairs, for your hobby activities or just getting started with a small business of your own. All this information is important for consideration. If you are not sure, you can seek advice by providing insights into the kind of work you want to do.



Picking the right welder during your purchase doesn’t come easily unless you have the information you need to make a decision. Therefore, it is always good to ask experts in the field. ToolTally provides you with clear information on important features to look at when buying a welder. You shouldn’t buy the wrong welder just because you didn’t ask the right questions. Do your research and follow through to pick a welder based on your needs for the welding application!

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