Dating Online? Take a Second Look at Your Profile

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Granted, it’s an old cliché, but still the most overlooked element in the backpage online dating scene especially when it comes to the profile.  A well planned and thought out profile can make all the difference in the world for  finding true compatibility – because in essence a profile is an advertisement about you and who are you in terms of likes/dislikes, lifestyle and beliefs.  It also works in reverse giving telltale clues on the qualities and likes you are looking for in a mate.

But I thought online dating was all about adding convenience to my hectic schedule – you mean I actually have to put forth some effort?

Like most things, you only get out what you put in so spending time on your profile up front will pay dividends down the road.  All too often singles are so excited to jump head first into the backpage online dating pool that they neglect the critical first steps, have bad experiences, then write off the notion of finding love online completely.  Remember, the Internet is just one of many tools in your dating arsenal – you will still have to work to get good results.

So take a step back and build a profile that not only stands out, but attracts the kind of fish you are looking to catch.  The following are a few good tips to keep in mind:

Know Your Goal

Are you looking for marriage or just some fun?  Your profile should always be created with set goals in mind.  Think of it as your social game plan – you first need to establish goals, and then create the strategy and finally put it in motion.   By knowing your goals in the beginning you will have a much better chance of weeding out most major incompatibilities.

Choose Descriptive Photos

A good advertisement usually has images that stand out and are easy to recall.  It’s the same with a dating profile.  In fact, it has been shown that good photos increases responses by a factor of ten.  I know what you are already thinking and yes, most of us don’t look like Angelina Jolie but I’m not referring to just looks.

Good photos should be able to visually describe aspects about you.  Choose three different pics: one nice head and shoulder shot looking into the camera (don’t be afraid to smile), one formal dressed to the 9’s, and one either in a special setting or enjoying a favorite activity.  Stay away from super-casual and by all means nix the party pics, no one wants to see you downing a beer or shoving chips in your face!

Ask Others for Content

Now is not the time to be modest, you have to tell the world why you are hottest thing on the market.   For some of us that is easy, but for most, tooting our own horn is extremely difficult.  If you find it hard to talk about yourself, ask family or close friends to write down descriptive words and phrases on what makes you special then use this content to help create your profile.  By having a solid grasp on why others want to be around you, you will have a better perspective on why others would want to date you.

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